At Shree soft, Our expert team of Website Developers, Strategists and UX team use cutting edge technology and best practices to create solutions for custom web sites that increase user engagement.

We design and develop Web pages, winforms , custom responsive websites, CMS and CRM using technologies like Java,.NET, PHP and Python to build scalable, enterprise-grade software.

Our team is expert in building web apps using frameworks like Drupal, Laravel, Wordpress, Codeigniter and other industry frameworks. We develop advanced plugins and distributed tech solutions seamlessly integrated with databases (SQL, MySQl, MongoDB), applications and systems for E-commerce enablement, B2B, B2C and B2E solutions. We take care of porting, ongoing maintenance and support. Our team can support in the complete SDLC - Software development life cycle.


At Shree Soft, Our expert team build Mobile Apps in native and hybrid platforms. We develop Android, iOS, iPad apps, Mobile SDKs and utilities, as well as solutions for business smoothly integrated with web services and internal corporate systems from requirements gathering to release and submission to the application stores.

We handle Small, Medium and Large scale app development with sophisticated methodologies, strategics, design plan and digital era. Our dedicated team continuously work on new up-comings and existing technology updates to provide updated solutions to our clients. Our team have hands-on experience in Ionic, Cordova, xamarin frameworks to build high end and best-in-class products. Our dedicated Android, iOS & Windows App development team gives you the best possible app solutions for your businesses. We build apps which gives the best user experience and enhanced digital experience to your customers with full end functionality.


Our expert team create scalable and reliable Circuit designs, PCB, RFID, Embedded system software. Our team also capable of writing the microcontroller firmware based on the specific needs of client projects.

IOT (Internet Of Things) Our most prominent application areas for IOT are Energy management ,Environmental monitoring, Manufacturing, Medical and healthcare, home automation and logistics. We are leveraging our services into new IOT technology, which allows any objects can be sensed and/or controlled remotely from any where in the world. Our solutions provide clients to enhance the exist infrastructure without any wasting resources or money. This approach has created many opportunities for direct integration of the physical world into computer based systems and resulting in improved accuracy & efficiency, We can provide custom solutions to maintain accuracy and economic benefit in addition to reduced human intervention. Integration with Cloud solutions made possible to monitor resources and track the data. We develop notifications using AWS Push notification alerts as per the users requirement which would be very helpful in case of broad casting the advertisements or messages. Some of our most prominent application areas with different characteristics are Energy management ,Environmental monitoring, Manufacturing, Medical and health care, home automation and logistics.


We design engaging and flexible to use Web sites,Web Apps,Portals, Mobile, Tablet Apps and Desktop Apps. We provide UX/UI design services for any businesses in a range of different industries. Team work and also collaboratively working with our clients, we deliver quality work that offer universal accessibility and industry-specific value to end users.


At Shree Soft, We utilise all features from Cloud services providers and develop, deploy and maintain the web apps. We have experience in AWS, Google Cloud with Linux and Windows hosting deployment. We offer Cloud migration support with a resaonable AMC to all our clients.We provide 24 x 7 support, so you need not hesitate to raise any queries to us regarding our services.


Marketing is main factor to reach product to end users. Now, in present world all content sharing using digital and social media in internet world. We offer SEO, Social marketing, email and Mobile Ads.It is relatively less expensive than traditional marketing channels. You can track data in a real time scenario and the results are measurable unlike traditional marketing strategies.We have expert team to craete a high end digitial connetions between our client products and their end consumers. We suggest to cliect to choose Digital marketing to achive outstanding ROI on your Digital Marketing Budget. The digital marketing budget is expected to rise as your products to move next level of your business.